Monday, 25 February 2013

Our new munchkin

Hello my readers!

I am thrilled to introduce Ivy - the new little addition to our family. She is teeny and adorable and full of pep! Doesn't she have the cutest ears?

At five and a half months, she still has a little growing to do but will always be petite and dainty! She is a "seal point tortie" siamese - her lanky lean silhouette is just so adorable! When she plays, she is all limbs.

Siamese are adorable little creatures - they're really social, and love to be around their humans as much as possible. They also are very smart and can easily be taught to play fetch, sit and stay, and walk on a leash. Thought we have had her for less than 24 hours, Ivy already knows her name and comes when she is called!

We are so happy :) We would love any suggestions you have for fun kitty products that are out there, too. So far we have found awesome natural cat food, a clay-less kitty litter made from wheat that you can flush down the toilet, and a natural sheepskin for her to cuddle up on. We are still looking for a scratching post that doesn't look like it belongs in a creepy basement or costs a bajillion dollars.

Anyway - there will me more pictures of Ivy to come! I can't wait to show you how she grows up :)

Bisous bisous.

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